HDZ 3.2 Maintenance

So I have had my HDZ 3.2 since March 2020. I am ready to remove it and clean and oil it.

I have the Mobil Vactra #2, pippetes to inject oil. Now how much do I need to inject in each of the 4 ports?

I have searched the forum and found reference to Luke’s promise of a maintenance guide for hdz, z-plus and Shapeoko 4 machines but so far only vapor ware.

I have a considerable investment I want to protect.

So how much Mobil Vactra #2 oil should I inject into bearing blocks on HDZ 3.2?

Have you seen:

Does it address your concerns? If not, write in to support@carbide3d.com

Thank you Will. I somehow missed this doc.

Where is this doc stored in C3D websites.

It should be somewhere on my.carbide3d.com but I’m not certain of the exact breadcrumb trail.

It’s on the Carbide assembly guides page

Scroll down to HDZ and it’s there.

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So after reading the maintenance guide the manual said to remove the Z axis and insert 1ML of Mobil Vactra #2 Oil in each of the 4 holes in the bearing blocks. That all went fine but I did not get but probably 1/2ML in each hole before it started to over flow. I cleaned up the excess and reassembled the Z axis. Everything went well and I jogged the HDZ axis up and down and could see fresh oil on the rails. I had cleaned them before starting the oiling. I wiped off the oil and ran it up and down a few more times.

I had forgot how hard the lower v-wheels were to get back on. I put the eccentric in the hole and pushed the v-wheel in from the side and only dropped the washers a few times. I adjusted the v-wheels and all was good. While in the cleaning mood I cleaned the Y rail v-wheels with a stiff nylon brush top and bottom and checked their adjustment.

Overall with the cleaning and oiling it took about 30 minutes start to finish. I had ordered some pippetes from Amazon and they worked well and fit in the bearing block holes. I may come back in about a month and do it again after the oil has had a chance to seep down into the ball bearings since I was only able to get about half the recommended oil of 1ML om the bearing blocks. Plus the lower bearing blocks the oil will not likely flow upward because of gravity.

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I wouldn’t worry about the oil getting around in the bearings from the bottom end cap of the linear rail block. The reservoir is quite tiny and the balls run through the endcap as they move from one track to the other which means they’ll pick up oil from the cap and spread it around.

edit - usual disclaimer, don’t take your Carbide supplied linear rail blocks apart