HDZ Carraige up grade

(Jeff Peters) #1

I am thinking about up grading HDZ is or was there a thread that people discussed why they up graded,If so how can I find it
Thanks Jeff


(Julien Heyman) #2

You may have a hard time finding the definitive thread on this, since a few months back the situation was different and Luke was borderline-competing with Carbide3D :slight_smile:

Probably easier to just drop our opinions again here in a few words. Personally I upgraded because

  • I was not fully happy with the Z-belt and having to check/re-tension it regularly
  • I wanted to open a path for a (heavy) spindle upgrade later
  • I wanted more overall rigidity, to mill aluminium. I probably did not need it for what I do though.
  • and quite honestly also because it just looked like a great piece of engineering, was a good way to spoil myself for Christmas, and helped supporting the nascent business of a good guy.

And now that it’s going to be supported (I guess) by CM, there is no real drawback anymore except its cost, so I guess it boils down to how much you value its technical advantages for the specific work that you are doing with the Shapeoko