HDZ Clone In The Works

Hey All,

Just wanted to share some pictures of an HDZ clone i have in the works. Its based on Mr Beaver’s design(Thanks for sharing!). Wanted to give it a try just to see if i could make it. Still working on a few aspects but here is what i’ve got so far. Really happy with the single flute end mills from Carbide 3d!


Nice! That looks great! Would you share a listing of parts you used/bought so others could learn?


Thanks! Sure i’d be happy to share info on the parts I used.

I ordered all of the linear motion hardware from aliexpress, here is a link. I ordered a 300mm length and got the HGH style bearing blocks.

I was happy with the quality of the parts, especially for the price. I just ordered a 1000mm set today for the x-axis.

I ended up getting a 10mm x 1/4" shaft coupler from Amazon;

I used tool and jig plate for the base and sliding plate and intentionally did not machine those surfaces(top and bottom of plates), figured it would have better control of flatness than i’d be able to achieve. I bought it on ebay from seller metalclm, here is a link to one of the listings

I finished designing and printing some parts to hold the cable chain/limit switches, and z-axis motor over the weekend, i’ll share some pictures later when I have a chance to install them.