HDZ for Shapeoko Pro

How is development on the HDZ for Shapeoko Pro going?

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Looks like we need one more revision and then a production run of parts. We’ll post a few pics when we’re “done” with the design and have a real ETA.

This will be the same HDZ for both the Pro and 4.


Thanks for the update. I believe the current z footprint of Shapeoko Pro/Z-Plus
is 19." Will the new HDZ increase the z footprint?

Can I pile-on this thread and ask … will it support 65mm spindles?

Second, does c3d empirically test rigidity differences to see if there is an impact? Like if someone really wanted to do a lot of metal, perhaps the HDZ would sacrifice some rigidity, and unless the height is needed, one should stick to the stock Z?

Yes, it will have mounting holes for 65mm spindles (support if it required an 80mm spindle upgrade would be a nightmare)

The HDZ should be more rigid. That said, it’s an option, and the main reasons get it these days are:

  • support for heavier spindles
  • increased X-axis working area
  • increased Z-axis travel height

it’s not needed by most folks.