HDZ Is Ordered - SuckIt?

I used @RoughDraft40’s design files and they worked great


Thank You, I Think I got all the info needed and I’m making whats needed.

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I started making the suckit parts for the upgrade which shipped today.


what did you end up using for dust collection with 80mm mount? I would like to upgrade spindle next

@Ian123 Are you finding that you can’t attach the same design of the ear with the proximity switch of the HDZ4? I believe (though I COULD be wrong) that our friends at carbide have made the old ears obsolete. I hope you’ve found a way.

Are we deliberately being forced to buy a Sleepy?

Let me ask this question more generally:

Has the design of the proximity switches for the HDZ4 made the ears for the previous SuckIt dust boot adaptations obsolete? I don’t see how they both can fit anymore.

@robgrz @WillAdams @Luke: Please advise.

The mounting points for the proximity switches hasn’t really changed for the X limit switch. It ‘should’ still work but it hasn’t been tested.



I’m on it, normally it works. just like the old hdz.
thanks to @Julien @RoughDraft40

I didn’t have aluminum… I made it with acrylic.
I’ll post another photo when I’m done.


So you’re attaching it to the ears themselves?

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yes, holes are reserved for. they must be filleted.

the sukkit takes more space in width than the hdz, so you have to move Inductive Homing SwitchX on the ears themselves.

it’s good it works :wink:


OK That explains it - and now it will work. Got it. Thanks.

I don’t really understand how the inductive switches work. They can be attached to ears and still work ok? I have a Z+ and will be making my own attachment by using the bracket from the pwncnc design. But I thought that the inductive switches would need to be mounted in the same location as if they were mounted to the Z+. How the the inductive switch know how far away the Z/X carriage is?

@jay443 As I understand it (and I will confirm all of this tomorrow), the arms of the SuckIt are wider than the body of the HDZ. Therefore, the sensor needs to be attached to the ears, to allow the sensor to stop before the arms of the SuckIt contact the rail. So attaching the sensor to the ears rather than the HDZ body makes sense.

That’s what I understand for the HDZ, the Z+ may be a different story (I don’t know).


They detect the presence of metal near their front face (they are typically set to trigger when any metal body comes within a few millimeters of their sensing area), so as long as you mount them somewhere such that their face comes near the side plate before anything else contacts, that will work.


I have inductive switches, X sensor mounted on Y plate.

I have the metal ears for the PWNcnc dust boot. So, no problem.


OK Gang…It’s done! I did the entire upgrade…used the Z-Plus manual to make sense of the installation instructions for the proximity sensors and the rest from the HDZ4 manual.

It will be a lot easier when Carbide updates the manual for the HDZ4.

MUCHO many thanks to @RoughDraft40 Brian for sending me the SuckIt supports he had from his original setup. They really worked great.

I’m so excited to have the HDZ4 and SuckIt. So cool!


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