HDZ Is Ordered - SuckIt?

I’ve just ordered my HDZ and have 10 days plus shipping to think through what I’m going to do with my SuckIt Pro dust boot. I’m not anxious to throw away the money I spent on it. I’ve seen a couple of people who have printed new “Ears” to attach the SuckIt to the HDZ - but I don’t have a 3D printer (and no, this won’t be a good reason to start with one now :slight_smile: ).

I know, for certain, I’m not alone with this challenge. What are others doing?


I ordered the parts from Suckit Dust Boots. I also ordered from Pwncnc as well. I think I have 5 different boots now. Finally combined Suckit’s ears and Pwn’s bracket and it works fine. I bought the Carbide3d’s as well but I can’t get it low enough to do much good. Needs longer hairs!

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Maybe build on top of what @RoughDraft40 did, and “just” recreate the two 3D-printed spacers as machined pieces ? If you have long enough drill bits, it may just boil down to cutting two square pieces of wood manually and drilling two holes along their longest dimension. If you don’t, you could carve “thin” spacers on the Shapeoko and stack 3 or 4 or them ?

There is also this page,

which assumed you could buy the expansion kit from Suckit (and I think you can’t anymore?), but it does have the plans for the required ears (bottom of the page), in case they don’t come with the new HDZ (I’m unclear on that)

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Thanks @Phil25707 Phillip…but I’m not quite understanding. Are you saying there a part to buy from Pwncnc that will adapt the SuckIt ears that I have to the HDZ? Can you link to it?

@Julien I don’t have a 3D Printer. I can do just about anything in wood, so if there’s some mechanism, I’m game. I also don’t mind spending a little more money (having just been willing to spend 25% of the cost of the machine to upgrade the Z axis) to make it all fit…but not a lot…so, if there’s a product to be purchased at a reasonable price - from Carbide or SuckIt’s new owner, or one of you-all…then I’d likely be in.

I was suggesting “go full wood”, you basically need three parts:

  • ears (red arrow)
  • spacer (purple arrow)
  • shorter arms (green arrow, and I’m not sure how the Suckit Pro looks like so that may not be valid)


For the ears, I’m unclear how one would order one set these days, but the plans are available and I think wooden ears would work just fine.

For the spacers, drill two blocks of wood and you’re good to go. You could pick up the dimensions from Brian’s STL files.

For the arms, either hack your Suckit arms as I did (which is risky, you get one shot :slight_smile: ), or just mill new ones.

I guess I’m saying, it’s doable as a simple project, but I do understand that it would be more convenient for you to just buy those parts, maybe someone knows where to get that (or has a secret plan to fill that niche market :slight_smile: )


That does look simple. I guess I’ll have to wait until the HDZ arrives in order to make sure I align everything just right.

Do those ears impact “X” axis travel, or are they high enough to avoid the rails?

An alternative, I suppose, is a Sweepy (at the sweepy price) with a 2 1/2" hose port. I have an Oneida Cobra DC that’s absolutely awesome for the CNC and has a 2 1/2" hose. I don’t want to reduce the port size if at all possible - the air flow is amazingly efficient.

@GJM Just contact Daniel Moran at PwnCNC (email link). He’ll steer you to the best way. (Oh, did I mention MADE IN USA? :smiley: )

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The rails, yes, but not the Y plates at the end of the X rail (at least back when I did this…things change, I may be wrong)
So it did limit my X travel, which is the whole reason I then embarked on a crazy custom dust shoe journey, don’t do that :slight_smile:

Yes, however once you got a taste of using Z-independent dust shoes, it is hard to go back to router-attached dust shoes.

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Gary - you can do it! No need for a 3D printer. When I did the retro fit, it was an exercise with aluminum and an excuse to buy a 3D printer. As Julien mentioned, the design/process could be simplified quite a bit. 3D printing the arms and ears introduces a bit of flexing that some may not enjoy; everything can be made out of wood.

Using the design files from C3D for the small ears, and then you can reference the dimensions from my files for the spacers/arms/hardware - you won’t need to modify anything else with the Suckit Pro. I highly encourage you to give it a go yourself, but if you’re willing to accept a 3D printed setup that’s functional with room for improvement, PM me your address and I’ll ship my set up to you. As I’ve mentioned in a thread or two, I upgraded to an 80mm spindle way sooner than I had originally anticipated which has made my Suckit Pro OEM and retrofit obsolete (I already sold my OEM Suckit Pro to a friend locally).


Contact Jenn Chepurny at Suckit Dust Boot and explain your situation. Jenn is extremely helpful with her customers. She will set you up with the items you need to make the Dust Boot work with your installation on the HDZ. She was very cooperative helping me with my installation.


Hi Ed! I sent a note using the SuckIt site - which is now OneFinity.com two days ago…no response at all.

I tried PwnCNC, as recommended above and they responded, “I’m afraid I don’t… producing parts for another vendor might run afoul with something. However I have designed HDZ brackets that fit my own dust boot.”
Not exactly what I was looking for :unamused:

I can see these folks don’t play well together. Everyone is friends when they are filling a void in another guy’s product line…but the community kind of breaks down when they are competitors. Ah well.

I can measure my parts when Im home this weekend. Should be able to redraw them in cad. For the arms it might take making in wood and then hitting it with sander for fit of curves.

Jenn from Onefinity got back to me this evening. She indicated that they haven’t made anything new for a while for the HDZ, but if the HDZ 4 has the same holes, they should have a mount for it. Of course, that’s not in stock - but will be in a few weeks.

In the meantime, a couple of kind folks here have reached out to me…so I’m getting a lot of good advice.

Thanks all.

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Hey Gary, it looks like I’m in the same boat as you, needing to attach a Suckit to the HDZ. I also reached out to Jenn and got the same reply, I’m pretty skeptical about getting any parts from Suckit since they are busy making a complete new CNC machine. I’ll be watching this thread for help.

I have the newest version of the HDZ ordered. I also have Suckit dust boots. I am curious to see if there is any issue with the new proximity switch brackets with the Suckit brackets.
As soon as I get my HDZ 4.0 delivered I will get it mounted and see what it needs. At that time I can design, print/carve and ship whatever is needed within a day or two.



I also need these parts from Suck It while I wait for my HDZ. But I can say about two weeks ago I needed some new router shields and Jenn mailed me them during the company transition. Infact she sent me the wrong ones at first and then sent me the correct ones overnight. So I wouldn’t worry about them not sending anything.


So if I upgrade spindle with 80 mm mount will suck it dust boot not work with this setup? If not what is everyone using for Dust collection after this upgrade?

So does anyone have drawings for the new spacers and arms? I see the link to the ears and I’m working on them. Could someone with the parts share the measurements?

Welcome to the community @Ian123! Please refer to post #3. There is a hyper link in Julien’s first sentence that leads to a thread where I had fabricated my own; feel free to use the files and improve upon them as you see fit.