Suckit dust boot surgery

(Julien Heyman) #1

I recently upgraded to the BeaverCNC HDZ, so I needed to upgrade my Suckit dust boot mounts to match the new Z axis. The Suckit site has a nice kit to do this, it’s affordable enough, BUT shipping to France and adding import taxes would have meant doubling the price, plus I felt bad about just throwing away the old parts, so I figured I would just cut new mounts inside the old ones

I first cut a jig in MDF to hold/center the old mount :

Then guessed a set fo feeds and speeds for the polycarb material (12.000 RPM, 700mm/min, and 0.7mm per pass, with a 1/8" 2-flute square endmill), and did a test cut:

Got nice looking chips and decent cut quality, so I took a deep breath and launched the actual cutting job (I had one shot…), and got this rectangular mount with two new holes.

Repeated the jig cut & mount cut for the other (left) mount, and finally 3D-printed a set of spacers, assembled everything on the HDZ, et voilà !


(Griff ) #2

Nice! Now I’m inspired to do the same.