HDZ Maintenance

I installed my HDZ March 22, 2020. Since installation I have had oil drip down the guide rails and occassionally drop onto projects. I have got in the habit of wiping the bottom of the guide rails before starting a new project.

In the 3.3 HDZ installation guide there is a small paragraph about maintenance. The instructions state:

You can also inject grease by removing the central M4 screw from the end of the bearing block and injecting machine grease with a syringe.

I ordered the recommended Super Lube 41160. Is there a picture of the M4 screw where I inject the grease?

The instructions state that the HDZ is mostly maintenance free but what would be the recommended interval for the grease maintenance?

I suppose that the maintenance would include general cleaning and checking the V-wheels. Any other maintenance that should be performed?


From what I’ve read and done it’s best to relube your linear blocks when the rails are dry when wiped down. A proper lube job with grease should last easily 3-6 months depending use. This is just what I do and it works for 100% metal cutting. Wipe everything down from time to time and you’ll be fine. The HDZ is so overbuilt you can’t kill it.

The screw is hard to miss.


If you have a grease gun, think it was this adapter that I used when just removing those M4 screws.

Not sure if they include the M4 grease fitting with the HDZ or Z-plus

I use this adapter for these grease fittings

Interval really depends on mileage the blocks have traveled, think HIWIN might have some recommendations on their site, but just making sure the carriage blocks don’t leave the rails dry should be pretty safe.

P.S. Don’t remove the carriage blocks from their rails unless you have the spacer piece to transfer to in one smooth continuous transition. Otherwise those ball bearings WILL fall out.


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