HDZ observations

I’ve only had my machine, an xxl, less than 2 months, made just a few items on it. I initially thought to purchase the HDZ and a spindle, but decided to hold off a bit.
But I quickly decided to get the HDZ, and with the early Black Friday deal just jumped on it. Got it last week and finally installed a couple of days ago.

First thoughts are similar to what I first thought when I was deciding on which machine. Why not an option for this vs std z? Come on, let us pay $300 to $350 for it instead of adding on later. What the heck am I going to do with the original z? Seems like such a waste.

It is well made, instructions were good, my only nit is move the installation of the lower wheel excentric nuts to later. Both my holes were large enough to have them drop out and me chase them across the floor when I had to flip the z over.

The tram works fine. I got close pretty easy, but I’m farther out in the Y direction than the oem was. I shimmed at the lower screws with .005 inch shim stock and it’s pretty close, but I’ve got to check it again.

It takes some getting used to vs oem as even with power off you have a harder time moving the router up, I.e. to install or remove bit .
And dang it, it will deflect the bed a LOT if you screw up and miss attaching the ground with the z probe…it is way more powerful than a belt.

I like it. Good piece of hardware. If you are on the fence, jump over


Glad you like it. I just purchased and installed last night. I posted a separate topic on this, but will ask you directly. Have you noticed a problem with Motion 4.17 and HDZ when jogging Z? When I adjust the speed of jog to the 1mm setting (the 2nd fastest jog speed) the hdz jumps in increments much larger than 1mm. Other speeds/increments seem to work as they should.

Just responded to your post. It double or triple jumps, but may be me or my pc touch pad

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I’m getting this error when I hold down + or - Z after the HDZ install. It will pop up after 15 to 20 1mm steps. X and Y will go at least 50mm in any direction with no error.

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