Hdz precision proximity switch

Bought this Shapeoko 3XXL , HDZ Upgrade , 2.2KW water cooled spindle , Dusk boot etc… …about a year ago just unboxed it a couple weeks ago ( got other projects going ) assembled it and made a waste board …Then I noticed I couldn’t home the machine…limit switch failure error ( X ) …I have the contactless proximity switches so I moved the ( X ) switch to the ( Y ) and then the ( Z ) …the fault follows… I then replaced the wire leading to the sensor…no luck…Its defective. Anyone know where I can find one ? much appreciated

I also notice that the board has a blue light lit on whatever position ( X , Y , Z ) that bad sensor is in

contact Carbide3d support. they’ll inform you. they’re responsive :wink:

if your machine is new…

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