HDZ Upgrade--Front overhang, vertical workpieces

I just upgraded my SO3XXL with an HDZ.

I thought I remember reading HDZ reduces/eliminates the front overhang that allowed for work on pieces clamped vertically the front of the machine.

I also noticed that when I move the machine as far as it will go to the front, there seems to be about an inch of unused space on the Y rails, which makes it seem like I use that space if I could configure Carbide Motion to recognize a slightly larger footprint.

Has anyone else done vertical clamping off the front of the machines with HDZ?

In the settings in carbide motion there is a section that allows you to define the travel of the machine. You can make those values whatever you want. Adjust them to fit your machine.


The front over-hang is a bit different, depending on the specific mount used and the spindle diameter, but the HDZ does not eliminate it — if anything, since it’s thicker, it increases it slightly — it’s the Pro and SO4 which reduce the front overhang.

I used a vertical fixture w/ my HDZ:

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Will, thanks for this. After work today I took another look and realized what I did…I used the Rapid Position to move to the front/center position and assumed that was as far as it would go. I could manually move the X axis all the to the edge, and as you say, I now have more room to play with in that overhang.

Side question–the kit included some metal pieces with VHB tape on them to support the drag chains. What exactly is that VHB tape? I have some I got from Amazon, but the stuff you guys used is super thin. Also, strong.

VHB == Very High Bond — it’s a 3M product, not sure which specific number we use, but a search on 3M VHB should get you started.

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