HDZ upgrade. Not able drill holes

What can the HDZ not do over the S3 standard machine?

The standard now includes Z plus. HDZ is better in every way unless you need ludicrous speed.

Zplus 200 steps per mm
HDZ 320 steps per mm

The HDZ should be a superset of the capabilities of the other Z-axis options — what difficulty are you having?

I spent a fair bit of time trying to find the problem in the file for Waste Board. I dont like to ask unless I get stumped but it wasn’t mentioned about HDZ not being able to perform that task

I have made several spoil boards with my hdz. I use tee nuts and make a .31 inch hole with a .25 (#201) bit. A .25 inch bit will not work unless the hole I’d bigger than the bit. A .25 inch hole with a .25 inch bit will not show up in the preview and therefore won’t cut.

Send in your files here and people will look at them and help.

The HDZ can cut even deeper than the belt drive — it’s the Z-Plus which is depth limited.

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