HDZ upgrade not working

I have just fitted the upgrade to my 3, The Z motor is searching for the limit switch at the bottom. I have checked the wiring and the Z motor (new) appears to be wired the same as the others?

Hi @pierre,

Did you adjust and apply the machine configuration to “HDZ” in the Z-axis type in the Settings menu in Carbide Motion ? (There is a “send configuration” button). What you describe sounds like Z axis direction is not set correctly in the GRBL parameters, (re)sending configuration may fix that. If it’s not that, it may be that the Z motor wiring is incorrect and two wires need to be swapped, but if you already checked that it’s not likely.

Don’t hesitate to contact support@carbide3d.com about this issue and they’ll take care of you.


thank you for the reply. I will do as you suggest. I forgot all about the GRBL.

thank you

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