HDZ V Wheel Installation

I just got done installing an HDZ on my XXL. For the most part assembly went well - no real issues. However, I do have one small concern - after mounting the HDZ to the rail, I found that even with the eccentric nuts in their loosest position (dimple facing up), the carriage is stiffer than the stock. Is this normal? I haven’t run any cuts yet, but it did home OK and I was able to jog around, so I guess it’s ok. It just seems tight

Someone who installed a HDZ recently would be in a much better position to comment on how much margin they saw, but how tight is it ? So tight that with the eccentric nuts in their loosest position you can’t force the wheel to turn manually if you hold the HDZ ? As you said, as long as you don’t feel a significant resistance when jogging manually (difficult to compare with the stock Z, it’s heavier, has HD eccentrics, etc…), I wouldn’t overthink it and proceed with test cuts. If you end up hearing the motor skipping under moderate load when travelling in the X direction, you’ll know something is wrong, else it’s probably ok.

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Correct, if I hold the HDZ and try to spin the V-wheel, it doesn’t move. Without holding the HDZ, spinning the wheel makes the carriage move. As I said, I haven’t done any cuts yet, so we’ll see what happens. My first step is to tram the new mount and then surface my spoilboard so at least my first cut won’t be on some Purpleheart or anything!

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Hook it up and let it home. If it accomplishes that, then run the z up and down. If it binds, then you may need to loosen and adjust the RAILS. I had some binding, (I think at bottom) and ended up loosening the rails and adjusting that way. If you can’t get it to home, you may have to either remove the motor to allow you to manually move the z (and loosen screws) or remove whole thing to adjust.

If you are talking about the x-axis movement, they are a bit tight. If it moves easy with motor, then it should be good.

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