HDZ will not rapid Z all the way to the waste board

There seems to be a limit on how far down you can go.
This makes it a problem to set the Z zero.
I can use the probe most of the time but there are
Times when you need to set it by hand with a piece of paper.
Is it a carbide motion software problem?

Has it been fixed? Is there a work around?

Thanks for the use of your brain :slight_smile:

Hi Adam,

You do mean HDZ, not Z-plus, correct?
If you have a wasteboard on top of your baseboard, and the router seated all the way down in its mount, you should be able to go low enough.
Can you post a pic maybe ?


Have you selected HDZ in your configuration?

Does it just stop or does it bind up?

This is how far mine descends above the spoilboard (front steel frame in shot for reference of how little spoilboard is left)

The bottom edge of the moving Z plate (with the spindle) is a couple of mm above the bottom edge of the fixed Z plate (with the V wheels) and around 104mm above my spoilboard.

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If you actually put a collet and an endmill in there, it’ll reach.

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Hah yep, always works better with a tool in the collet :wink:

I put the spindle at the height in the bracket where a small 3mm ballnose could reach the spoilboard.

Pics were just so Adam could see if his HDZ was descending to the same point.

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@LiamN is just giving photos for reference. Pretty sure his is working.

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