HeadPhone Holder

(Aaron Allen) #21

I actually didn’t use any adhesives, I just ran (4) through bolts, in case I had to work on the LED controller.
On the top plate I used (4) of these to hold everything together, then just ran botls up from the bottom.

For the LEDs I bought a RGB LED kit and cut the strip to length.

I can attach better drawings if you are interested.
The Blues one is shown above, but I also make a Batman and Game Of Thrones plate for that base.
I made it so you can easily change the sign.

(Stephen Musial) #23

Sorry to bring up an old post for my first message, but are you in St. Louis by chance?

(Aaron Allen) #24

Yea I am still in STL.

(Stephen Musial) #25

Long story short…I was in an accident 2-1/2 years ago and amongst other things, received a few brain injuries. I used to have my own woodworking and design business but can no longer do that.
Just before the accident, I became the proud owner of a 300 year old white oak tree that blew down in a storm here in Webster. The wood is all milled up but there’s not a lot I can do with it due to my limitations.

I am seriously considering getting an XL unit and was going to use the wood to make address plaques - counting on the interest people have shown in having a piece of local history (the 300 year old tree) Before I take the plunge, I (and my wife) would like to see if there’s any actual interest so I’d like to make a couple of address signs. I was wondering if it might be possible for me to bring the wood and a thumb drive or laptop with the file and cut it on your machine. Be happy to pay you for your time, buy you a bottle of your favorite libation, etc.



(William Adams) #26

There was a wonderful bit about a college doing something very similar with chopsticks:


(I’ve been very pleased w/ my own Chopstick Master — wish I’d find more time/occasion to use it, want to get a Jointmaker Pro)

(Aaron Allen) #27

If you DM me I am sure we can work something out.