Heat Gun, Soldering, torching wood for that look

I was looking at this device on Amazon that is branded as Lexicon.

Their marketing video shows NO ONE using this on wood. This made me stop and not buy it.

Any suggestions for an all in one tool or perhaps a couple tools to do word burning for signing pieces, heat gun or torch gun for getting that finish, and as this Lexicon tool does, serving also as a soldering tool.

Thanks. I appreciate this community and the willingness folks have to share.


Oh, I dod not know that big image was going to be displayed. I apologize if I broke a rule and will immediately understand if the moderator has to take it down, sorry…

If you are doing a small area this might work. I would be concerned about how much you are going to burnish. Your local hardware store might provide better ideas: tip size and gas canister volume. I have actually used a weed burner to do some of my projects.

It looks like this is set up for soldering

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I’ve used a plumbing torch, works great for small patches as well as larger areas.
Look into electric soldering irons/wood burning pencils for finer details and engraving, can pick them up super cheap from Michael’s/HD/Amazon or pretty much any art store.

I’ve also used a Lichtenburg machine on some projects… kinda freaky at first, but looks soo good!

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Many years ago, before computers :smiley: I used a hand router to make an “I love you” sign for my then girlfriend (now wife of 44 years) and used a propane torch to give the sign a burnt look.

Not sure about the soldering iron, maybe good for tight lines but the torch gives a nice effect.

Be careful, less is more, once you set it on fire, well you get the point.

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