Heightmap import: Scaling

Hi all,

today I played around a little bit with relief carvings from heightmap imports (thanks to the free CC Pro trial!) and wanted to share some thoughts on it.

At first I have a question: What size of the pixels in an image is assumed? I suppose its somewhere near 70 dpi?

Secondly, I was a little confused by the decoupled XY- and Z-scaling.
It would be great to have an opportunity to scale all three dimensions simultanuously. That would be convienient for rescaling and maintaining scale relations within the heightmap.

Another great feature (is there a thread where feature requests are collected?) would be the support of .csv files for the following reasons:

  1. Those .csv files are easy to read and to generate (for instance, I generate heightmaps using matlab).
  2. When writing .csv files there is no restriction to the range of gray-scale values, i.e. one could easily use a file where the maximum height value is, say, 612.23.
  3. Number 2 would make sense if the user could define the pixel dimension during the import, e.g. one pixel equals a tenth of a millimeter. In that case, the arbitrary gray-scale range could be interpreted in the same way.

With the above, the user would be able do define an unabigiuous heightmap with clearly defined scales for XYZ.

If what I suggest is already possible, I’d be happy for advice!


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