Hello from Detroit Michigan

I have been a Carbide3d user for 5 years. I am 75 years old and retired from the IT department with a electrical distributor. I started with a Shapeoko3 XL and in 2021 upgraded to a Shapeoko4 Pro XL. I live in Canton MI approximately 30 miles southwest of Detroit. I use my machine for a mix of hobby and also some retail sales. I’ve probably given away more projects than I have sold :(. If there is anyone in the area that would like to get in touch to share information on projects, issues, ideas, and the such, send my your contact information. If your a new user and need some guidance i’m more than willing to help with your learning curve. Contact: [send a private message by clicking on @baricl name]


Hi @baricl,

I edited out the email address you mentioned, for the sake of preserving your privacy (from the robots on the internet who collect email addresses to send spam later). Anyone who would like to contact you can send a private message via the forum system, and then you can swap personal email addresses there)

I dont see how to send a private message. Please give me instructions

Julien is suggesting that others - people who want to contact you - send you a private message. You won’t have to send one.

When you receive one, you should see a little blue (i think) indicator in the top right of the screen over the left hand side of the top of the green B that I presume you see there.

When you see that indicator, click on the green B and look for any private messages.

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Hey Loren, I’m over on the far side of Lake St. Clair in Algonac
Patiently awaiting the arrival of my HDM (next month)
Interested to see if anyone else from the area chimes in.

WOW. You got the big buck one. :slight_smile: Looks like an awesome machine.

Hello everyone. New to the Carbide Community. Just received my Pro XXL a few days ago. It’s still in the boxes until I finish drywalling my garage. I’m about 15 minutes out of Detroit by Lake St. Clair. I’ll definitely be reaching out for some help. I’m trying to figure the design software out. It’s a whole new world for me. Looking forward to building my machine and getting to work. Also looking forward to meeting other like minded individuals and seeing what everyone is making.


You by any chance related to Mike Collins who works at McMc.

No, I’m not. Even though that was my dad’s name. Lol.

My name is Jeff Apczynski and I live in Beverly Hills, MI. Nice to see local Carbide 3D users here in the area. I’m a newbie with CNC programming however before retiring I cut my teeth writing CAD programs for a local tooling company. I worked with the CAM programmers and the CNC operators as well. I’m familiar with additive manufacturing goofing around with 3D printing as a hobby.

I pulled the trigger for a Shapeoko Pro XXL with the HDZ and VFD spindle upgrades. I’m still assembling the out-of-the-box Shapeoko Pro XXL and I’ll play around with that before I add the upgrades.

I’m sure I’ll be tapping your brains as I get things rolling along.


We are here to advise, help, chide.

Good luck

Welcome. Congrats on the new machine.

Welcome to the community!

What CAD/CAM toolchain are you considering?

What sort of parts are you planning on making?