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Hey folks! I figued it was courteous to put together a brief introductory post. I’m an aerospace engineer in the Seattle, WA area who apparently couldn’t get enough engineering into my day (and nights, and sometimes weekends) job, and ended up with a Pro XL last winter from the black friday sale. I did a lot of amateur/crude woodwork as a kid and then some actually decent machining in college including CNC (I actually bought, assembled, and checked out a shopbot prs for our machine shop as well as wrote a lot of training material for our ProtoTrak machines), so in a way this is a return to form for me.

I’ve had a blast doing simple projects so far and some basic inlays, and really love tweaking and modifying the shapeoko and coming to appreciate how well balanced and tuned it is in the first place. I’m making this account to hopefully share some of my modifications for others if they find them interesting, ask some questions about the work others have done, and potentially share some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

(And, apologies if there was a better place to put this and feel free to move it if there is, I saw one introductions thread but it looked like it was years expired.)


Hi @SpacePopoto,

Welcome to the community, this is absolutely the right place for introductions.

Welcome to that club too :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your sharing project pics and details!


Welcome neighbor,

I hibernate in Covington. Glad you have enjoyed the new tool. Look forward to your posts.

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