Hello World and a couple of questions

OK, received the new z axis limit and installed, works like a champ. Thanks! Had a small problem with the x-axis limit not quite touching the frame and failing to stop. Just shimmed the frame with a little patch of tape, works great for now. Questions:

Is it typical that when jogging, it will move a bit, then slightly pause, then resume moving? Seems like it’s normal, just making sure.

My table is a 4x8’ kit, seems to be plenty level, but it did shake some when running the program. Will this affect a project? Should I work on anchoring to the back wall or something like that?

Thanks in advance. Wish I didn’t have a wedding to attend today, could keep playing.


Yes, the stuttering when jogging is typical behavior — not ideal, and something which is being worked on (seems to get better w/ CM4 and Grbl 1.1) — basically you’re holding the button down, the machine is moving and reporting its position, and the software is updating how much it moves — every so often these seem to get out of synch, so the software forces a positional update on the machine to make it match.

Precision has to start somewhere, and any deviation from it will affect something else — maybe not much, but it certainly doesn’t help — that said, my machines are on rickety/folding tables in the basement and work well enough — when I want to cut more precise things I put them on the floor.

The GRBL firmware in the unit (version .9) never had a good jog mode in it. We tried to fake it to make it work the way we wanted but it was never great and, in retrospect, we should not have had continuous jogging in it.

For CM4 and GRBL 1.1, we worked with the GRBL developer to add the jogging mode we needed so it’s much better. It actually works the way we wanted it to from the beginning.

Bottom line, both work but CM4 and GRBL 1.1 works much better.

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Thanks guys, appreciate the responses. Just tried some quick 4" letters with pvc foam, less than 10 minutes from design to finish. Really happy with the results!


Not to derail but are we getting closer to being able to take the ‘bleeding edge, consider yourself warned’ message off CMv4? I’ve avoided upgrading due to it but it seems most of the regulars are using it and now it’s being cited as being a way to solve some CM3/grbl0.9 related oddities.