Hello World --- box_logo.zip

Some folks have had difficulties downloading box_logo.tap — here’s a .zip archive for convenience:

"box_logo.zip"box_logo.zip (11.9 KB)


What is a .tap? Another type of gcode file?

.tap is a common file extension for G-code files, and was the one used for the Hello World file.

Used to be .nc for the SO2 version: http://shapeoko.github.io/Docs/helloworld.html and it was .txt for the SO1: https://shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Run_Your_First_Job — not sure why it was changed.

I couldn’t remember exactly when I ran a .tap file last… thanks for the walk down memory lane! Estlcam still creates .nc files for G-Code.

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Ah, ok I had only ever seen a .tap used for Stinger CNC machines. I didn’t know if it was for some weird type of zip or something. Thanks the info :slight_smile:

Another .zip for reference / convenience.

shapeoko_clamps.zip (73.4 KB)