"Hello World" Create file

Is there a Carbide Create file for the “Hello World” Carbide Motion file users run during setup?

More to the point, what would be good settings to use for my toolpath if I want to preview a design using a Sharpie, before actually cutting the piece? Right now I created an “engraver” called Sharpie, with a 1mm diameter, no RPM, and setting my toolpath to contour - no offset, 0 DOC.

It would be nice to have a default, fast produced, “alpha test” of a design to hold in my hand and place gear against. I’m cutting foam inserts for Pelican cases for work.

No, this isn’t available.

I pulled the feeds and speeds out of it a while back:

  • Plunge: 1524mm/min.
  • Feed: 5080mm/min.
  • Depth: -0.254mm

So if I edit my “Sharpie” engraver tool (I assumed that was the best option, but correct me if I’m wrong), I can set the default plunge and feed, no problem. But how does the negative DOC work? Would that not “cut” above the surface zero?

The minus sign there is copied out of the G-code — when defining the tool, match other tool definitions:

and use the absolute value.

Cheers, this is great!

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