Help 3d cutting

So I am so frustrated to start…while I was cutting my 3d project all of a sudden the bit wants to cut through to the bottom of the wood any idea why or solution please want to save my live edge project?

what software are you using?
what bit? what F&S ?

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Using Carbide Motion 3D …the bit size is 1/8 sorry what is F&S?

Feed is 20000
Speed is 10000

From your description, the first possibility that jumped into my head was that your bit slipped. If it was an up-cutting bit when the bit “slips” within the collet the cutting forces pull the bit down, resulting in a deeper than expected cut.

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thanks for your reply it was cutting perfectly for half the program and then it went crazy randomly making a deep cut not to the depth parameters then when I started it again from the beginning it ran fine then it didn’t finish to the point where I stopped it …it randomly started cutting other places…

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