Help - Awful sound at low speeds

Hi all,

I am a new owner of a Shapeoko XL. I have just put it togeather and created my first design.
I decided to give it a test run and I am encountering this the sound of loss of power. Everything seemed fine while writing the hello world test page.

Here is a link to the video.

Does everyone else have this?

Hard to say if there’s an issue or not, sounds like stepper motors. What I’m saying is via video I can’t “hear” anything abnormal, or extra loud…but I’m not there to quantify. Have you tried making any simple cuts?


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Also, hard to tell but, it doesn’t look like the wheel on the top left is turning. Loosen up the eccentric’s a bit?

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Jog it at a faster speed.
Do one Axis at a time.

Hard too tell
But yes the top wheel isn’t rolling…

Good spot

For adjusting the V wheels see:

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Thanks everyone for the prompt response. I will check the top V wheel. Actually I will check all of them.

I was worried about the sounds but I guess it is normal.

Thanks so much community!

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In the land of 3D printing, which is like a less sturdy Shapeoko without a router, you get used to those noises. There’s even folks that have written gcode to make that stepper hum into music, seriously, ha! I say as long as you don’t have anything binding, wheels adjusted, belts tight and set screws on the pulleys tight, then give it a go on a simple project (like cutting some shallow pockets in softish material). You’ll know pretty quick if something is horribly wrong. You said the “hello world” project ran ok?


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Thanks Dan.

Hello world went well and sounded like all the examples on YouTube. I made a quick test. I used carbide create settings. I said it was hard wood even though in hind site, it was soft. I ran the Makita on 1 because the suggested spindle speed was about 9000 rpm.

Not a symmetrical design but I think everyone gets the picture.

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A planet with two closely orbiting moons, sweet!!!

Looks like you’re on your way, welcome to the fold!



The Carbide Create generated speeds are better on the Nomad, see:

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