Help....Carbide Motion issues

I’ve had issues with my Shapeoko 4 XXL and have managed to teach myself enough to get things going. However now, I am having issues with Carbide Motion. When I initial the machine, the jog icon is not there for me to use. I’ve disabled the bitsetter in order to be able to use the jog and zero my x, y and z. When I enable the bitsetter again, the jog goes away and x, y and z go haywire. Help, please. Has anyone had this issue??

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Hi @Candy,

Did you configure the bitsetter location as per the assembly instructions ? Before BitSetter is enabled, it’s important to tell Carbide Motion its X and Y coordinates, so the instructions have you manually jog there (while bitsetter is still disabled), use the configuration menu to tell CM “I’m above the BitSetter, please make a note of what the current X and Y coordinates are”, and then you can enable the bitsetter. Upon the next machine initialization, it should move there and plunge down to probe the bitsetter. The jog menu will only be available after a successful machine initialization (regardless of whether bitsetter is enabled, but when it is, the initialization includes the bitsetter probing routine)

If you still have issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch with

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Hi there…thx for your response. Yes, I have already assembled the bitsetter. Had no issues and it was working good and all the sudden, it’s not working. Interesting enough, this happened after I added the touch probe. I will take the touch probe off and see what happens. When the machine is initialized, the bitsetter does what it has to do however, it does not probe and the machine tells me the probing was not succcessful.

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Allright. If the problem happened after plugging the touch probe then indeed it is likely related, because the touch probe and bitsetter share a common signal to the controller.

To verify whether this is the case, in CM go to the Settings page just before initializing the machine, and check the section that says “GRBL Active input pins”: if it reads “PROBE” even though the bitsetter button is not pushed, then this is an electrical issue likely related to the touch probe.

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That is EXACTLY what it reads!!!

Thx so much for you help. I will disable the touch probe and see what happens.

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