Help CM disconnected after program ended

I’ve been running with no issues for months. Just tonight after my first program finished I looked and CM was disconnected and I can’t get it to connect again. What’s the trick?

I’m in the middle of a bit change, so I really don’t want to do anything that would mess up X and Y…

When I plug in the USB cable it says device not recognized

I have experienced this. I shut down computer and CNC, restarting my computer, then the CNC normally. You should hear the motors engage, if not, check your power cord to see that it’s plugged in properly. Mine connected after the reboot, but if it still doesn’t, shut down the CNC, pull the USB cable and blow out any dust in the ports and reconnect. Otherwise, I’m sure C3D can help you troubleshoot further to resolve the issue.

Ok it connected after rebooting the CNC. I sent it back to current XY offsets and it looks close. Fingers crossed.

Question for @WillAdams or someone else in the know… before turning my machine on, I always move it by hand against the front end plates, and hold it tight while I engage the motors for squareness… so in this case when I had to turn the machine off between bit changes, I couldn’t do that because I was worried that XY would get messed up… was I right? Or could I have moved it manually while it was off and still maintained the same XY? I’m doing vcarve inlays so it is super sensitive to that sort of error. Now that I think about it, it had to home anyway… so it probably based the stored XY off of the home? So I could have moved it by hand? Lol sorry for the run around with that but I think I answered my own question?

If you have homing switches, the machine stores its offset from the home positions.

In the absence of homing switches the technique which you describe is a pretty good way to have a consistent position.

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