Help editing SVG paths?


I have a very nice SVG that I have imported into Carbide Create Pro and would like to do some carving with. Here is the SVG:

When I took a closer look at the design in Carbide Create, I noticed the some of the lines (in particular the laurel/wreath feature) seem to have “doubled up”. See what I mean? Example1
I would prefer if the outlines of the leaves were treated as a single line, rather than a thick line that is represented as two lines (if that makes any sense…)

I guess this is more of an SVG editing question. I have Inkscape installed already. I’m hoping someone has done something like this before. I’m hoping this is an easy edit…

I have this happen before when importing an SVG, I will watch to see how to resolve this. From experience the double line does not carve very well.

What do you call an Aggie, Boss.

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What’s your goal on the end result? The double line will allow it to be filled with a V-bit

V-Carve is indeed my goal. However, when I try to create a V-Carve operation on the line I had selected in my first post, all hell breaks loose:

Similarly, if I try and run a V-Carve operation on one of the veins, the result comes out strange:
Which brings me back to SVG editing. Looking at the original SVG, it seems like the outline of the leaves should be a single line. Not two. Possibly this is an easy fix in Inkscape? I am, however, talking from ignorance here. I don’t mess with SVG’s much. I normally just import DXF files from Solidworks parts.

Haha it’s a bit early for that. Class of 2019. Here’s hoping, though!

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The leaves in question are drawn as filled lines, not stroked paths:

You will need to either find a version of the logo which has the lines drawn as you wish, or re-draw the lines so that they follow the centerline instead.

Note that if you select everything and assign a V carving toolpath the appearance is as one would expect and reasonable:


Oh man! Looks like I was trying to make things too complicated. Thanks, this works for me!

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