Help figuring out why the Shapeoko Pro XXL is pausing/crashing/stalling during some jobs?

I am looking for some help troubleshooting an error on my Shapeoko Pro XXL machine.

The issue is that sometimes the machine will crash, pause, or otherwise stall during a job. I am not sure what to call it but I did snag some screenshots and also am sharing the files.

I then have to turn off the machine entirely for a simple restart of Motion, or a USB cable unplug/replug, will not suffice. The error says something about “GRBL not found on device”.

The trouble is I can’t figure out why this is happening?

This never used to happen until about a few weeks ago. During that time I have not changed much though did upgrade the Carbide Software (Motion & Create).

On some jobs it will crash multiple times. Never in the same place. Then the next few days be fine.

Does anyone have a hunch or good line of steps to trouble shoot this?

My first question is whether it is software or hardware?

Oh… just stalled again… going to go treat that. Let me know if you have any ideas. Thank you!

CC 16x16 G1.c2d (80 KB)

How long are the flutes on the tool you are using?

I’d suggest adding offset geometry:

and cutting as a pocket down to tab height to reduce tooling engagement.

you are cutting 1/4 x .3 deep that’s too much. The Z axis is is pulling down due to tool pressure and stalling machine. 1/8 max.