Help getting code to inch mode

Does anybody know why carbide create post code as metric even though I set inch in the setup screen?

Carbide Create uses the change in measurements only on-screen as an interface option.

If you need for your G-Code to be in Imperial (why? it won’t alter any functionality in a meaningful way) you could use a 3rd party tool to modify it — I believe Scorchworks has a utility for this.


So what happens if I create a program in inch mode (G20) and import it.
Will carbide motion recognize it as inch?

Create outputs metric gcode (for now) but Motion will accept both G20 and G21 and read the gcode that follows using the appropriate units.

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OK, thanks for your help

this is what most of the world does; wikipedia claims this is because accuracy is higher.

assume 3 digits behind the .

0.001" is a lot more physical distance than 0.001mm …

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