Help HDM gone mad

My hdm started stalling on return from a bit change, sounds like it hits something. Then errors out. In the past I’ve had to clean and lube and all works well. Now it’s not working and to top it all off…

Every time I initialize it goes down vs up on the Z errors out and bombs motion. I’ve reinstalled motion and have tried everything.


I left a message for support.

Here is what started the issues.

I have this happen every so often and I clean, blow out and the Y rails out and lube the rails and it works

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Almost 100 percent when the z moves the wrong at init it is configuration. The original belt z and hdz move opposite of a z-plus. So if your z moves the wrong way resend your config. The config is mostly configuring CM.

Please write in to and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out w/ you.