Help! - How to rebuild Nomad Spindle?

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Hello everyone. I used a Nomad at my local library’s maker space. I understand the spindle has a bad bearing in it. The bad spindle has runout that is problematic for doing very small inlay. Is there a way to fix the runout and/or rebuild the spindle to fix the bad bearing?

Carbide is working on a production run of spindles and is going to send us one.

I believe James Carter (member of this community) is able to rebuild and is working on a tutorial. I was hoping other folks may be able to help in the interim so I can get up and running.

Thanks all!

(Luke) #2

I have a video for a 2.2kw spindle I imagine it’s similar

You do need specialist tools

(Brent Halbersma) #3

Thanks Luke, how do I find the video! I apologize I’m new here!

(Luke) #4

I was sent it by email but it looks to be taken down.

youtube has a fair few:

(Brent Halbersma) #5

Thanks! This is a great visual for how to assemble the spindle. I see there are 2 bearing assemblies. The Tapered roller bearing assembly that is pressfitted near the shaft and the loose one on the other end. Do you think there is a way to replace one of these bearing?

(Luke) #6

Yeh but you need a press

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