Help - job stopped halfway through

Anyone have suggestions on why this might be happening? I have a 15"x15" 3d relief that I am cutting. I set it to run last night and it quit halfway through the job. Quit like it was finished and returned the spindle to the rear left spot (like it does when I finish any toolpath).

Is there any kind of buffer or memory limitation I could be running into? I’ve attached the toolpath. I have limit switches set up on my Shapeoko 3. I’m using EDIT: Carbide Motion(The version from January 11th 2017).

My simulation works fine the whole way through. Any ideas would be appreciated, this is a big job so I’d rather not try to figure it out by trial and error.

Related question: is there any way to fast forward into a toolpath? If I could pick up where I left off it’d be a heck of a lot easier to test what’s going on.

Contact w/ your files — there have been a couple of reports of errant toolpaths as interpreted by Carbide Motion, this might be one of them.

To fast-forward, you can edit a file removing the already cut portions and preserving the header and re-saving under a new name.

Lastly, please don’t let the machine run unattended. See — the least which might go wrong is a broken endmill — lots of other things which might go wrong, up to and including a fire.