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I’m trying to make a couple of small 1’ round disc charms with some text engraved but i’m running into a issue. I don’t have the pro version of CC but I thought i could “cheat” by using a 501 pcb engraver with a contour toolpath. When i have the 501 selected in CC and take a look at the preview simulation, the toolpath is much larger then it should be. Am I doing something wrong here? Also, I would like to add a 1/8’ hole for a chain. What would be the best way to go about doing that? I’ve read using the drill path isn’t always a great idea. Thanks!

No, as far as I remember CC does not preview contour toolpaths correctly when using a V-shaped tool, so it renders as if the tool was a square endmill the diameter of the v bit/engraver selected. The cut should be just fine.

While endmills make for very poor drill bits indeed, for a single 1/8" hole in a thin disc (I suppose it’s thin?), it should work just fine to use a 1/8" square endmill and drill path

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Download camotics. If will preview gcode.

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Previewing V endmills when used for a contour toolpath was added in 629:


  • (FIX) Contour toolpath simulation didn’t handle V-cutters correctly.

The problem is, the #501 and #502 endmills are entered as “Engravers” in current versions of Carbide Create:

(as is the Amana #45771-K)

and so can’t be used w/ V carving toolpaths:

(even though there’s no warning)

Instead, use a no-offset contour toolpath, and be sure to set the depth of cut to at least 0.047":

As noted, a Drill toolpath should be fine, so long as the feeds and speeds and plunge rate are appropriate for the material in question.

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