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I went to cut a project that I have cut before, sorta. This time I had an issue and subsequently a broken end mill. So I was hoping that someone could help me figure out what happened.

I turned on and initialized my XXL no problem, went through the process, hit the bit setter.

I had my workpiece clamped down. I used my touchprobe to go through the XYZ zero process with a 1/8in endmill (with that option selected in CM zeroing tab)

After I zeroed I loaded my file, hit run, and the router, still with the same 1/8 bit used to zero it, moved to the bitsetter, touched off, then returned back to center.

I started the routed and it moved to the first XY coordinate and then drove down as deep as the Z would let it travel and then tried to move and broke the bit before i could hit stop.

I thought I screwed up so I poured over the file and the toolpath. The stock was set correctly, the XY was correct, the cut depth was set properly. Everything in the CC file looks good. So i can’t for the life of me figure out why the Z axis plunged so deep.

I hope someone here can see something I didn’t. It is an intricate file, but really only 1 advanced V carve toolpath. The first XY coord was the top center of the chain link detail at the top.

So I mentioned I had cut this before…sorta. Well the sorta is that I made a couple changes to the design so i created a entirely new file and toolpath. The settings are identical to the other file that I have. That file didn’t any issues cutting.

Random thought, I normally zero with a 1/4 bit and never have a problem. I feel like at least on a couple other occasions after I zero the machine doesn’t seem to recognize the Z height. It either cuts way high like it thinks the material is really thick, or in this case it crashed into it. In the other instance where it thought the material was thick, i just went through the zero process again and it worked perfectly. I am waiting on my new bits to arrive before I try this one again but in the mean time, i was hoping those of you with more experience can take a look and help me out. Sorry for the wall of text.

Chance. crest2.c2d (1.0 MB)

Explain in detail that steps you used around the Bitsetter.

@CrookedWoodTex I’m not sure I know exactly what you mean, but i insert a bit, initialize the machine. In that process it touches the bit setter. Then I zero the machine on my stock. After I zero the machine I open my desired file select run. The machine prompts me to insert the proper bit, which is already in the router as that is what I set zero with. I hit ok. The machine then moves to the bit setter and does the bitsetter process. Then returns to front center. The prompt comes up to turn on the router. I turn on the router and vac and hit ok. Router moves to first XY coord and then it buried the bit into the stock and broke.

The bitsetter isn’t a new addition. Ive used it since day 1 and cut plenty of projects with no issue. Hope that helps.

Which version of Carbide Create are you using? And
Which version of Carbide Motion?

We may need Oprah and her witchcraft…

when did you put the bit in ?

@Microwave_Monkey the latest version of each. Can’t recall right now what those are. But I’m up to date on both

@fenrus it was in when I initialized the machine. I used it on the last project.

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