Help Modifying Bamboo Clamps Example

So the great tutorial here on how to create the bamboo clamps is awesome: Bamboo Work Clamps made with Carbide Create

Now lets say my stock was .75 thk instead of .5 thk. How would i modify this in Carbide Create?

OR how would i make another few passes to cut through, I am a beginner at CNC milling, this was informative.

Two changes:

  • you’ll need to set the stock thickness to match the thicker material ---- this is in Job Setup (the gear icon)
  • check the profile cuts to ensure that they use stock bottom, and if so, updated properly.

Hmm i did set the stock to be thicker. Profile cuts? is that when i click on the toolpaths?

Yes, the toolpaths define the cuts which will be made — there should be some which go all the way to the depth — you can check this in the preview.

So change the “max depth” you are saying? Or is that not what i want to change?

Yes, the Max Depth controls how deeply the cut will be — if you have the Stock thickness set right, you should be able to click on "Use Stock Bottom and it will auto-fill.

I think the max depth of .485" was to leave a thin .015" ‘onion skin’ keeping the part attached at the bottom of the piece. If your material was .750" then keeping with this same strategy you should specify .735"