Help! My old laptop died running an older version of Carbide Motion and the new version doesn't work with my XXL hardware on a new computer

Hi! In the middle of a job my old laptop died, so I connected my new MacBook Pro with the latest Carbide Motion V3 software installed (build 2016-11-01 version 366). Weirdly, I can’t home/initiate my Shapeoko 3 XXL. I don’t see an option anywhere in the software. In the old software, I wouldn’t be able to jog until the machine initiated and found its limits. Can anyone help figure out how I can properly initiate my machine and/or find older versions of the Motion V3 software?

Do you have the “Connect to machine” button when you start up CM?

You should see something like this


And finally

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For me the only reason to use an older version of CM would be:

  1. My firmware was too low to use with modern versions of CM.
    They have a firmware updater to bring most Shapeoko controllers up to the current versions. Talk to support with help updating firmware.

  1. My Shapeoko 3 did not have homing switches.
    For this case the homing switch kit is relatively cheap and vastly improves the operation of a Shapeoko
    Shapeoko Proximity Switch Kit - Carbide 3D

CM has come a long way in the last few years and is very much worth the small efforts to come up to a more modern version.


Thank you everyone for the detailed and quick replies! You all had great points, but I ended up sorting things out after I got a call back from Carbide 3D support. Turns out my old XXL had newer firmware and could run GRBL 1.1 alongside Motion V5. So I deleted V3 and we went through all the settings/configuration needed to get my machine up and running in V5. Once set up, the initialize and home functions were enabled and working properly. Looks like my old laptop dying was a blessing in disguise because my new Mac Book Pro runs SO much faster and makes the Shapeoko feel more responsive. Thanks again and have a great day! :slight_smile:


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