Help needed to identify rogue hex bolt location

Hey gents -

I was milling and the attached screw fell out almost dead centre from my spindle onto my project. I’ve taken the router off / inspected and can’t find where it goes.

Hex bolt
Allen key measures .075"
Bolt is .363" long

Photos attached. Thank you in advance!

Is the diameter 3mm? (2mm allen key)? Length (under the head) 8mm? If so, it is an M3-8. This is listed in the wiki as for attachment of the X and Y axis carriage mount plates. ( … search for M3… it is first in the “Screws/Bolts” section)

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Hey enl - thanks for your reply. I should have provided the metric measurements; you’re correct - looks to be an M3-8. I’ll head down again and try to find it’s location.

Will report back. Cheers.

enl - would you be able to snap a photo of where you think this might go? I’m scratching my head here…
Thanks in advance.

@mbhwhitney Any chance you have a dust boot? Maybe to connect the bottom plate on a Suck-it?

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I thought that as well - I do have the ‘SuckIt’ but can’t see where this tiny bolt would go. Nothing seems awry and all is working (touch wood)… but I have no doubt that it dropped down onto my work piece.

My guess was the ones that hold the router hole plate to the main piece of polycarb (underneath).

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BINGO! Neil - you’re a wizard :).
Thanks so much man… it was driving me nuts.


Was going to suggest to check your dust boot as well… since I just had to replace two of my screws. A little blue loctite helps, otherwise they tend to work their way out when things get bumpy, and then get sucked into the dust collector.

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Careful with the Loctite on screws that go into inserts that are in plastic. Common Loctite formulations tend to eat plastic, especially polycarbonate. There are some plastic safe Loctite formulas, but blue (242/243) and green (270) are not. You can use them, very sparingly, if you can make sure they’re only on your screw and insert, but what usually happens is they wick onto the plastic. It works for awhile, then the plastic gives up, or you go to loosen them and the inserts come out with the screw.



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