HElp needed with initialization

I just finished setting up my Shapeoko 4XL and I should have known it was going too well.
On step 10.6 -Homing Machine, when I hit the Initialize machine switch I get a loud buzzing sound and the Z stepper is vibrating. It stops after several seconds then gives the message “Machine controller stopped unexpectedly and may be in an undefined state.”

I have tried starting everything over a few time to no avail.

Proximity switches all give red flight on them and blue in the controller.

Thanks in advance

Please write in to

Things to check:

  • homing switches plugged in properly and signaling as the correct axis under Active Inputs?
  • machine able to move mechanically so as to activate each switch? Adjustment necessary?

Yep to both
I also have flashing red lights in the controller near the USB

It seems the Z axis is jammed up somehow

Power off and turn the leadscrew so as to back it off the homing switch, then try again.

I did that twice
full up and down
I have also checked all the connections

As soon as I “Connect to cutter” I get the red lights. Normal or malfunction indication?

Which red lights?

Please write in to

Inside the controller near the USB

If you mean the lights for the homing switches, they should match the state of the lights on the switches themselves — please write in to and we’ll do our best to assist.

No not those blue lights

I’ll write later and try and call tomorrow though I haven’t gotten any answer in several

Phone calls are returned in the order that they are received and mostly during the business week normal business hours (Chicago and California time).

I’d add that I’m not sure if missed calls are returned during the week. If possible please leave a message.

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Well it turns out the groove in the controller connector is not where the clip fits! I had all the 4 wire plugs 90 deg off!!! All is well now

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