Help needed with new Shapeoko 4 XL build

Hi there, I’m new to Shapeoko 4 XL and have just built my machine. It was really straightforward from the video but I’m having an issue. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions please?

  1. I’ve uploaded the config & defaults for the correct machine (double checked)
  2. I connect to the machine using a MAC
  3. In the settings, I can clearly see the X, Y & Z limit switches are all working when I touch a spanner on them. They are showing red on the machine and are activating the pins in carbide motion.

Clicking on initialise ran the X axis into the end of travel. I switched off the machine and tried reconnecting all the connectors, I again tested and can see the X limit in carbide motion. Subsequent testing, I used a spanner on the limit switch to avoid damaging the belts, however it won’t stop.

This seems like something in the initialise routine on the software, perhaps some setting or something? Any help would be greatly appreciated


Paul my guess is the limit switches are mis-wired. Follow each limit cable all the way from the top of the machine to the controller. Ignore the labels and just trace the physical wires. In my case a set of cables was miswired, and when I switched them it worked fine.

Hi Paul,

If the X limit switch does register in Carbide Motion Settings page when you bring a spanner on it, it means the cabling is fine. If the machine does not stop before X axis end of travel, chances are the X limit switch is positioned a tiny bit too far to the right, so it does not have a chance to trigger before the X/Z axis hits the bumpers.
Can you turn off the machine, slowly moving the X/Z gantry all the way to the right against the bumpers, and take a picture of the X-limit switch then ?
You may be able to loosen the X limit switch screws a bit and push it to the left, then re-fasten. Sometimes it just takes half a mm for it to trigger or not

Thanks for the replies! I noticed as I was pulling the cables around to see the labels with the machine turned on that some motors were activating and deactivating. It seemed the metal poles inside some of the connectors were not correctly seating and I think they may have touched so I think the motor moving was actually interfering with the X limit switch. I’ve now gone through every connector and made sure all the poles are pushed into the plastic connectors. It seems to be working ok and moving the connectors around is not causing any noise from any motors.

I think for now, this problem is solved and the machine is running ok. Thanks again for taking a look at my fumbling around :slight_smile:. Time to dry run a simple gcode programme!


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