Help - New Create User

Hi All,

I really don’t understand what I’m doing wrong here.

Ok. I create a stock that is 24" x 8" x 1"

I insert a rectangle, call it 22" x 6"

I create a toolpath using V carve (because I want a V profile) and the end result is the attached image.

The path is wrong, way too wide, etc. I noticed the V bits all seem crazy wide, am I misunderstanding how they’re listed (.5" V?).

I redo the toolpath using a standard path and straight bit and I can get something the right width, but no V.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I’m very familiar with Fusion 360, vector apps, etc. But toolpaths is new to me.

can you explain what you want more clearly

do you want the result to be a “flat bottom” area with the edges of that shape be a V shape?

if so you are hitting a limit in carbide create

you can work around it by making 2 insets into your shape and use the “middle line” inset of a general pocketing operating, and the “inner inset” with your outer box for a vcarve path… we can help you get that but can you first confirm that this is what you wanted?

No no, I literally just want a border. A rectangle, who’s profile Inside is a V. When I draw a rectangle and then select V and run the simulation, it makes that path instead of just running 22” one way, turning 90 degrees and going 6” the other, etc.

This is what I drew in Create.

Then when I run the toolpath, it makes that path.

V carving only carves within a closed path.

To get the border effect which you want, nest two rectangles, or inset the rectangle by the desired dimensions:

to arrive at:

Ah I see! Because the logic of V carve is basically a pocketing function? In my head, I was thinking of it as more of a scoring/engraving function.

Unfortunately, Carbide Create won’t properly preview a V endmill if used for a Toolpath | Contour operation. You can do so if you use a 3rd party previewing tool such as CAMotics.

Thank you.

I have used Aspire in the past, so I think I may just be expecting too much at the moment. I do want to use Create, because I’ll have the bitsetter and the probe and just like how it all “just works”

Aspire will “just work” with a suitable post-processor, please see:

the other options is to really just follow the contour (the “no offset” option)…