Help please with error

I am still trying to figure things out. I get this error. " Project will plunge to the bottom of the machine (z-). The program zero is 10.1 mm too low. Do you want to continue? "

I set Zero point both ways, with Bit zero and without.

Please post the .c2d file and step-by-step notes on how you are securing your stock and setting origin relative to it and a photo showing the machine at the origin (or a specified offset from that position) and in Carbide Motion click on “Position” so that it changes to “Machine Position” and send a screen grab showing that at the origin (or offset).

Before I do that ( I don’t even know how to upload a photo here) I just tried to jog the machine down to the spoil board and it won’t reach. So either my, it is too short Or the spoil board is too low. The router is setting deep into the collar as far as it can go.

Which machine do you have? Which mount are you using? Post photos?

I have a Shakeopo 3. Makita router.nSo I just talked with the guy who sold me the machine. He told me that when he was cutting stock with the 1/8 end, he would elevate his stock with another layer of wood underneath. It happened to him as well. I guess the combo of my wasteboard, small bit, this will always be what I have to do,

One way to get a bit more depth with the Makita on an SO3 w/ a rectangular mount and the 69mm–65mm bushing adapter is to install the adapter from underneath so that the router may be that much lower in the mount.

I have an SO3 with a Dewalt 611 Router. The Dewalt has a longer body and can reach lower. The Makita can run slightly slower than the Dewalt but that has never been a problem for me. My SO3 was made in 2016 and has had the same router on it since that time with only 1 brush set installed. The Makita/C3D routers seem to have their lower bearing go out quite often. So if you Makita goes out get a Dewalt 611 Router. Lowes sells them for $150.00 and you can likely find them for less if you shop around. The SO3 router mount is made for the 69MM Dewalt and has an adapter for the Makita/C3D 66MM routers so changing to a Dewalt wont cost you anything except buying the router.

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Where do you hear that the lower bearing of the Makitas go out often? I won’t argue about the Carbide router, as THAT problem has been posted a few times, the reason I have a Makita on my Shapeoko is that the bearing on the Carbide router went less than a month of ownership. My Makita is still going strong. Yes, I could have sent the C3d router in for a free replacement, but at the cost of shipping, and loss of time, and to be replaced with an identical router that I couldn’t trust to last.

No need to send the old unit in to replace a Carbide Compact Router.

Steve I am glad your Makita is going strong. Some of the C3D routers never break either but the lower bearings seem to be a problem. The C3D is a clone for the Makita and the rebuild kits fit both so likely the Makita and C3D have the same bearings from China. It is a crap shoot on those routers if the bearings will go bad. Like you my Dewalt just keeps humming along and has never given me any trouble other than one set of brushes. The Dewalt was the original router C3D sold on the SO3 and later sold their clone C3D routers. On the SO3 they always sent the reducing sleeve to fit the 66MM Makita in the 69MM original SO3 router mount. Since the Z-Plus came out some people have had issues with the maximum plunge of that Z. So the Dewalt has a longer body that might help with that problem.