Help selecting correct post processor in VCarve

Doing my first design build job with VCarve Pro. It involves tool changes. When I am saving the toolpaths, it asks me to select the post processor and I select Shapeoko Inch(*g-code).

I checked the option to output the visible toolpaths as one file. At that point, I am warned that this post processor does not tool changes.

I am kind of lost at this point and not sure what my next step should be. Apologize ahead is I am not making sense.

Can you select all toolpaths using a single cutter to one gcode file and then another gcode file for the other cutter? That’s how Carbide Create does this.

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Yep, that’s how it’s done, in VCarve too.

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This might apply.

The official statement on this is separate files, so no tool change commands in a file. Please see:

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Well yes but just to be clear you need to take into account the workflow. You don’t want to carve rough-in (clear) with a .250 endmill for pockets then do the cutout with the same endmill before you do the detail passes with say the .125 endmill. So you need to group them accordingly.

In my workflow, I group the toolpaths then save files and name them according to a short description, the workflow order and endmill needed for the toolpaths in the file.

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I think I follow…

Create a separate file for each cutter that needs to be used in the project.

So I would also need to reprobe after each tool change using the touch probe?

edit I just reread the instructions and see where I only need to probe the z axis before the second tool run. Time to go ruin some wood!

Sorry, I also forgot to say thanks to all.

I did it! Followed William’s instruction page and worked like a charm.

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