Help sent /z22 in grbl now z is off

I put /z 22 in grble in the midi and hit send thinking that would move z to 22 so I could measure for setup. Now when I click move .1" it moves around .2". What did I do and how do I fix it?
Thank you.

I suspect that you altered the setting for # of steps / mm for $102.

If you have a Shapeoko, try sending


(also see: )

— if you have a Nomad (I think this is the same for a Classic or a Pro),


If that doesn’t work, contact

For the record, to manually move, first check to see if you’re in Imperial or Metric mode (G20 or G21) and then send for rapid (in metric):

G0 Z22

or at 10 inches / min.(in Imperial):

G1 Z0.86614173 F10

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Thank you. That helped me find what I was looking for. And I have reset the grbl. So now to levelling the bed.