Help Tramming Shapeoko Pro XXL

Will I wrote to support. So far the tramming issue is not being addressed. I provided details of the tramming issue and I am being asked what I have cut so far on the machine, if I did the Hello World… I think tramming the machine takes precedence since nothing is going to cut properly if it is not trammed.

I had asked for clarification of your email, and received no information on how to check these things:

  • the bed is level, see: Wasteboard Plans with threads - #19 by ApolloCrowe
  • the extrusions are level to the bed
  • the Y-axis extrusions are parallel to each other
  • the X-axis extrusion is square to the Y-axis
  • the Z-axis is plumb and square
  • the spindle mount is plumb and square — some folks make or purchase a spindle square to check this

I also called support and have heard nothing.

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Please let me know in a PM what e-mail address you used and we’ll check on this at our end.

The machine was trammed using folded alumnium foil to shim between the router mount and Z plate. Between the front and back Z Plate was not the correct place to try to shim it as it put pressure on the linear rail bearings and pulled the back Z plate out of square causing the X axis to bind on the bearings and linear rails. All is good now it passed a pocket cut test with flying colors even with a flycutter bit it is completely smooth with no ridges.

Thank you to everyone for their help and to Fleming from Carbide support


The reason I put my shims between the X & Z plates is that I’m also tramming the Z axis, not just the router/spindle. I not only want the tool to be perpendicular to the table, but it’s motion when it moves up & down. I’m cutting some jobs using nearly the entire Z range of motion. I want Y to be in the same place at the table as it is 4" above the table. If you’re cutting a lot of stuff at the same level then it’s not as important.

2.64mm (0.104") is a lot!!! And that’s just over the height of the X plate. If that’s 4", and you move up 1", you are now 0.026" off. I can’t believe the machine was built that far out of tolerance. I also used several layers of aluminum foil (0.001" thick) to shim mine.

Hopefully, support can help you figure out what went wrong & fix it.

For some reason I’m not seeing my post with the pics of the x rail and the framing square and carpenter square. They both show how off the X gantry is by the gap at the bottom.

I think I will need to put another call into support

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