Help with 3d toolpaths. - wind paddles - Carbide pro/nomad

Why do the 3d rough toolpaths run in a circular motion, which keep the edges smooth then the 3d finnish toolpath run just back and forth leaving rough edges?
1/4 in ball rough
1/8 ball finish.

Two things here.
The roughness of the finishing cut will depend on the size of the ball end, but perhaps more importantly, the stepover. That looks like a stepover that is a considerable portion of the diameter (> 50%?) so it will leave large furrows matching the ball geometry.
The second is something I’ve been looking for too. It sounds like CC Pro can only generate parallel linear fine cut patterns for 3D toolpaths. If anyone knows better, I’d love to know how to alter that. MeshCam has many more options for fine 3D toolpaths, and it works really well with the right settings.
I’m trialing the Alire Workshop deal with Atom 3D and MeshCam Pro bundled right now for a project, and I must say that I like it so far - the output seems to work well with Carbide Motion.

Couple things to try… Run another finish path with a smaller stepover, and an angle of 90°

Or, use the rough path to finish. Just set a smaller depth per cut, and a very small Stock to Leave
This is a 0.020 depth per cut & 0.001 Stock to leave.

It leaves more witness marks in the bottom of the pocket, but follows the edges nicely.

Thanks for the replies, very much appreciated.

I would like to know the answer to that as well. Why are the 3d rough toolpaths circular and the finnish toolpaths linear.

@ Tod1d: That’s a smart idea for getting a different path geometry. Essentially it’s not “rough vs. finishing”, but contour-line cuts (waterline) vs linear (parallel).

Another question for all the experts!

I would also like the flip the project over and use the same 3d toolpaths to round the paddle over. I can simulate it by making the stock round at a 45, but can’t figure out how to round it over rather that dish it out.

Maybe check this out. I created a spoon based on the video that was posted.

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