Help with advanced Vcarve on letters

Hello all. Need a little help on a project here. I make these “catch trays” with various designs and logos. I did one last night with a Police patch. The main issue I had is the wood that was left inside the letters on the perimeter. I used the advanced vcarve toolpath and set to cut .1 inch deep. On the letters it made two passes around each letter to get tho the width it needed to be. However, it left a thin line of wood in the middle of most letters, or at the joining points on like the M. Should I have checked the box to allow pocketing on the advanced vcarve or do I need to do something else? If you zoom into the picture you can see better. If you happen to see anythig else I can improve on, I love feedback so I can improve. Thanks!

definitely allow pocketing, especially if you have a small-but-sturdy flat endmill
(I like 2mm ones, they seem to be a sweet spot between being small but still being strong enough that you can feed it at 25 ipm and not snap them easily)


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