Help with CC Toolpathing

Hi Team

Just looking for some help regarding toolpathing with Carbide Create

I have been using Coreldraw to free hand trace out text to create single line curves so that the shapeoko can follow a single line when cutting my material as the router bit i am using is has to follow a single line to create a channel in the material.

My question is, is there anyway to change where the router plunges in and out of the the material? See this screenshot for example:

Using the text “TEST” for an example
The toolpath plunges into the material and exits. Is there a way to make it only enter the “E” and exit somewhere in the last “T”?

Right now it is entering and exiting all over the place adding additional un-needed entry exit points.

Can i change it in carbide create or do i need to do something else in coreldraw before importing my svg or dxf to CC?

If you need more info, let me know, i hope this makes somewhat sense


When cutting open geometry the tool will plunge at one endpoint and exit at another.

If you wish for a continuous path, then the path must double back on itself — in this case you would need to have the stroke from the “e” continue along the top of the “s” and then double back.

Please note though, that even cursive handwriting has some pen lifts, but if you arrange the ductus of your geometry to follow the strokes of penmanship it should all match up.

If you’ll post your .c2d file we can walk through this with you.

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