Help with Corner Tool, Please


Newbie here.

I’ve watched the below video that shows how the corner tool works.

However, when I create a shape with corners, then click on the Corner Tool, it always states “No valid corners found.”

What am I missing?

Many thanks in advance.

There needs to be enough length along each side for the rounding:

Consider a 1.5" square:

and a 1.5" radius circle:

If things don’t fit, always reduce the radius — eventually you’ll get it small enough to fit, which should help it make sense.

If not, post your file and we’ll do our best to walk through this w/ you.

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I am running the Beta v7 721. You can see in the example below the radius is set to .5. Each time you change the radius you must enter the number and hit “Enter”. You can then change like I did to .125" and hit “Enter”. The third corner is changed to .125 radius. If you just enter a number and do not hit enter you continue to get a .5" radius.

I drew a square 3.5" x 3.5", selected it, then selected the Corner Tool. You see it says I have 4 valid corner.

I changed from .5" radius to .125" radius and hit enter for the lower left corner.

Here a drew a connected polyline. You can see that I start with 5 corners but can only round 4 of them.


That 5th corner is to small for a .5" radius so I changed it to .125" and I can round the 5th corner.


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