Help with deciding on purchase

We have about 40 different signs we want to make like the attached. Will the Shapeoka 4 be sufficient?
The letters are about 5” tall. Plan to use 1x8 cedar
48-60 inches long.
Just wanted some assurance before purchasing.
Any reply would be appreciated.

Sure, it can do it. You may have to tile (divide the project in multiple pieces) to get the length you need. It’s pretty straightforward.

You would actually cut those at 90 degrees for that length. I have a Pro XXL and recently cut some signs that were 7 feet long using the tiling method.


The XXL bed is 33x33. If you rotate 45 deg, then you can fit 39x8 on the bed to do in a single cut. Longer than that, and you would be tiling the project, probably in 2 sections.

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Good point. My brain doesn’t work diagonally so I never think of that.